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Originally Posted by SpiritualFreedom
In My Father's house there are many mansions. And if not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? - John 14:2

I have to tell you that this 100% accurate and true!

I am an out of body explorer as my spiritual practice. Also I live by the positive principles of the catholic church in my day to day basis, which for me are all about becoming more love, caring, helper, coperative, kind, productive and humble.

So, I know how to phase my consciousness from the human body into my spiritual body in order to explore and get answers to life mysteries.

Reality is indeed multi-dimensional like layers. From the densest into the ligther's, going within inwardly.

On Each dimension, there are countless virtual realities (or mansions) running all of them in the present momen, all in parallel.

Virtual Realities is the appropiate label because nothing on this world is solid at all, countless quantum mechanicals experiments has proven over & over that nothing is solid, and there is no building-blocks of matter whatsoever. It's all a digital projection of consciousness. PERIOD.

Reality is consciousness, and consciousness is spiritual & multi-dimensional. When I do an OBE, I am not in a human body and I have the some control/thinking/intellect on a spiritual body - I am a spiritual being, and I have a temporal human body vehicle. That's the truth

Some dimensions are more thought responsive than others.

This means that there are countless multiple heavens for yourself (mansions) that will make you really happy because is best suited to you.

Everything you can imagine, there is a reality for that, called a "mansion"

Everything is expanding, even this physical and mortal reality we're sharing right now. The galaxies are going into the black void and expanding out, there is no center externally. The center is always going inwardly into the source from within.

The purpose of life is to become a loving, caring, helpful, coperative, productive and adventurer consciousness individual, At the core of your being level - In order to do that you must face your fears & really change in your being level postively into light & love. That's why hardship is necessary to people in order to change at the being level.

Some "Mansion" are designed to help you overcome your fears through harships, obstacles and hard times. The purpose of that is to change your being level into become love & light.

So finally when your being level is really evolved into love & light you could be selected to go into a higher dimension that is very though responsive.

It's all about become love & light. In and out. With everybody, specially with bad people. Love even your enemies, and help them

If you read the verse before and the verses afterwards, it turns out this scripture focuses on a main Christian doctrine.


      Happiness is the result of an enlightened mind
     whereas suffering is caused by a distorted mind.


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