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I don't know why the yoga people say that you have to live in a house that has no insects ~ maybe it has something to do with non harming ~ I used to be a hardcore buddhist and I wouldn't kill bugs ~ but now I kill them ~ anymore I just look at them as low level demons who don't respect my boundaries ~ invade my space and menace me .

In china I guess demons aren't necessarily a bad thing always ~ perfect example here

and then there are demons that are better people than some of the evil people who claim to be the good guys ~ but to keep the evil from overtaking them is a full time job ~ perfect example here

some people just fight demons ~ perfect example here

it is definitely a different energy when you are killing things that bother you than it is when there is nothing bothering you ~ I really hate a bug infestation

some yogis think it is only ethical to eat fruit that has ripened and fallen from the tree ~ that way they don't harm anything ~ some people won't eat root vegetables like carrots because to eat it requires killing it ~ instead they eat stuff that you can trim but you don't kill it and it keeps growing

back to the noise pollution ~ it sucks living in apartments where people are stacked on top of each other ~
I would like to win the powerball jackpot and build my own house someplace quiet

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