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We can say that consciousness is the substratum of all existence. What is consciousness? What is the substratum? It is absolute nothing. It is no thing that you can ever figure out in your brain, in your mind. There's no way to figure this out in your human perception. For your thoughts are always thinking of something. Therefore you can say consciousness has to be this or has to be that. How can consciousness be what your thoughts tell you, since your thoughts are part of the relative world, and thoughts have nothing for you except make you live as a human being?

You have to go way beyond thoughts, way beyond reasoning, way beyond anything and everything you have ever understood, to be consciousness, to understand consciousness. In order to do this, everything you believe must be dropped. Everything you've been led to understand must be transcended. Everything that you can think about has to go. Your ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, up and down, frontwards and sideways, all these things have to be totally transcended, totally removed from your thinking patterns.

Robert Adams

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