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As psychoslice says, there are nothing but excuses from people here.

Originally Posted by Jenny Crow
How would you describe remote viewing and how would you say it differed from astral projecting, if at all?

Jenny Crow
I've seen evidence of remote viewing in action. Someone on this forum demonstrated it to me.

Originally Posted by psychoslice
I think when I use to do it, it sort of gave me a sense of power, that I can do something that most can't. I really thought I was doing it, in fact I can lay on my bed and imagine myself floating through the ceiling and looking down on the traffic and all outside, I can feel the coolness at night, but i realized that it was my imagination, and that's Ok, a good imagination can be very beneficial. So yea, I'm not knocking the experience itself, that can be beautiful, but we need to put in to perspective.
You can do all this while you're awake? I wish I had an imagination like that.
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