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Originally Posted by Gem
It's just a thought about the process that is required for progress, and such a process is the continual ongoing adaption to harder and harder tasks. For example a new pianist learns "Three Blind Mice" but then one has to try something harder to become good at playing piano. It takes years to be adept at playing the great concertos, and it takes a lot of practice simply to maintain that ability... so at first it's enough to strive for a goal, to get better, but ultimately it's all about loving the process.

Indeed. The process holds within it, an abundant source of interconnectedness, that we can overlook, if we simply get too fixated on the goal. I’ve never been goal orientated, that’s my learning. I have great and deep trust in the process now, but having goals would serve me to really connect through the whole and of course receive through the whole. So I’m directed this way now, more so.
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