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Controling the elements

As far as I know each person has the gift of controling one of the four elements (earth, water, air, fire). Since I was a kid I had a special conection to air elememt. I could control it really easily and most of the times i had full control over it. Though, I'm a sagittarius and according to many sources my element should be fire because of that, but I have never had a special conection to fire. Now its been a long time since I last tried to control the wind but I remember the last time I did I had no power over it. I couldnt control it at all. Now yesterday it started raining and unconciusly I tried to stop it and I did. I wasmt sure though if it was me or it just stoped so I tried again and it worked and it was actualy very easy for me. Now i had tried this a couple of times in the past yeara but i never had a conection to the element of water so I guess its something that happened now.
Does any of you have amy idea of what is happening? Why are my abilities changing suddenly?
Thank you.
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