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I'm not sure there is a cure, but the number can be reduced if you know how to avoid the triggers.

I usually get a migraine once a month and been having them since teenage years. Besides a wrecking headache there is ALWAYS nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and smell, and having to urinate more. Medicine will work for normal headache but not for a migraine. If I get one I have to lay down in total darkness and have no sensual stimulations. I then have to wait it out for 8-12 hours. Falling asleep isn't possible when I have a migraine.

Triggers I found can be stress, not drinking enough water, too much sunlight, or lack of sleep. Orange juice and tomato soup are triggers for me (!). I suspect it's a brain difference between those that get migraines and those that don't. Most people get normal headaches, which are curable, they take a pill and an hour later everything's fine.
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