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Originally Posted by Lucky
I wasn't sure what to title this thread because I want to talk about a few things I was enlightened to just yesterday when I took my husband to a Functional Medicine Doctor for the first time for his stubborn psoriasis.

I've always been into alternative therapies and I'm pretty health conscious myself but after listening to this doctor for about two hours yesterday my jaw is still on the floor. Needless to say he talked about diet. He recommended an anti inflammatory diet which eliminates all grains (even "health foods" like quinoa), all dairy, processed foods of all kinds, "night shades" such as tomatoes and eggplant, along with tropical fruits such as banana and pineapple. Basically he can eat vegetables, most fruits, and grass fed antibiotic free meats. I was surprised to find the definition of anti inflammatory diets varies so much when I googled recipe ideas on the Internet. Many websites included starchy potatoes and tomatoes and many other things that were on his list of foods NOT to eat. This is going to be challenging.

In this day in age, would you say we should all be avoiding grains whether or not the label says non-gmo or organic? I know there's also strong opinions on eating meat here too, but wouldn't you think if someone has leaky gut syndrome then animal proteins would be hard to digest as well? What's safe anymore? Before anyone replies with super strong opinions on this I will say I personally believe each individual has unique dietary needs and what works well for one may not work for another...but geez..what is safe anymore? Water? Air? Not even!

In addition, this doctor recommended a series of detox treatments which include a foot bath hooked up to a frequency machine and a PEMF mat which he draped over a chair for clients to sit in.

The doctor had me test out the PEMF mat and the instant he turned it on I felt a spasm in my adrenal gland and the base of my tail bone which are two major weak spots on me. Ok now he really has my attention...but after researching PEMF a bit I'm wondering if there is positive EMF and negative EMF like the kind produced by wifi and cell phones. I'm no scientist but please, if someone knows enlighten me.

Of course the doctor recommended supplements and further genetic testing as well as other tests that can be done at home to check for yeast overgrowth, etc. Then he dropped the bomb on the cost of a six month package for follow up visits and detox treatments...$5,400. Oh wow...

After this two hour long initial visit being bombarded by a wealth of eye opening information on how the body and cells work, I was left mind blown to say the least but I also realized the doctor was missing a huge key piece that really has me thinking: what about the emotional/mental component?

So if every health issue has an underlying emotional root cause, why is he only addressing the issues on a physical level? There's so many factors to take into consideration when looking at the big picture of health, and sure genetics and predisposition to certain things plays a role...but if a person was to put all their efforts into creating optimal physical health through diet, detox, exercise etc. without addressing their emotional/mental/spiritual health then wouldn't you say the results will be limited or even short lived?

I realize this post is a bit of a rant, but if the topic interests you I'd love to hear your comments.

Just from my own past experience. Having a medically complex kiddo, now adult (he has to genetic anomalies). We tried and/or looked into practically everything. Diet, massage therapy, colloidal silver, oregano, Nettie pots, chiropractic, Chinese herbs, PT, OT, clap therapy, HGH, homeopathy, herbal medicine, traditional medicine, many, many different things.

On a friend’s recommendation, we even had a complex study done involving diet, supplements, it ran the full spectrum of popular suggestions at the time. It was supposed to be full body, integrating body and mind. The report was pages long. The therapies were extensive. Our initial reaction was wow. But then we looked into each individual suggestion. We did a “gut” check. We set with it for a good long while. It felt like a shotgun approach, (Throw out every popular idea and then one of them is bound to work.) Keep in mind, he is complex. They would try to solve everything, “cure” him. In the end, the doctor never called for follow-up appointments and we never went back.

For us, it also came down to our intuition, the priority of the moment, along with how much time, energy and money.

Good Luck out there!
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