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Originally Posted by squadus
Where would you recommend a beginner to get started with Runes?


Right here in this thread. At the beginning I mention this is like a workshop and the purpose is to meditate with each rune, one at a time, and write down what your experience is. This helps you connect with their energy. You also learn how you relate to them. If you write your experiences in a journal, you build up a reference for each rune which you can use when you feel comfortable enough to begin divination with runes.

If you don't have runestones at this point, you can draw runes on paper and meditate with that. It'll still work because the energy is the rune itself. The meditative exercise is the first step for those who want to get involved with runes so it can be called Runes 101.

A book that helped me is Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows and is suitable for beginners. I agree with some things and disagree with other things that he mentions in his book. Working with runes appears to be an individualistic path.

Blessings to you on your journey.
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