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Originally Posted by Tobi
Reach out to the things that you know, within you from that "home" state of Being. The core values that your Soul can feel and know. Get close to them every day, feel them inside you. Feel the happiness of them.
Then do things -anything- in this world that brings them here in some way.
Because that "home" is right with you, right now!. The only thing that makes it feel far away or in another space and time, is loss of attunement to it. So attune to it, and the sense of homesickness will lessen.

So true...I am so caught up in this earthly world and I resent it sometimes. I don't take nearly as much time to connect with the home inside myself. I'm a busy mom of 3, Childcare provider, pet owner, neighbourhood, daughter, best friend...but the true me is lost in all of that...if that makes sense. Overwhelmed, and then I sit back and say "whew! This human being stuff is a whole lotta work!" I'm ready to be attuned with unconditional love again.
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