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On SF, Big John can see his aura, perhaps others can too …

In my view, ultimately there is no negative aura. At worst, misaligned thought affirmations may temporarily cloud it, so if we’re calling that negative, well yes but thought is just a bubble, bursts instantly when touched by Spirit.

Even in what we call the lower realms, take Baphomet as an extreme example, the outer manifestation is but dust, for at the core, the vital life force is of God alone. Then of course we can ask why God allows this and someone will say it’s because His energy is love and love employs no force and the debates will go on …

Yet, on a practical note, we can employ this simple practice before retiring for the day, in case we feel it necessary to do so ~

Auric field cleansing affirmations

May all thought forms
entities and other energies
within our auric field
which here are present
and not in alignment with love
return back to the source
wherefrom they arose
carrying our blessings of love
in accordance with God’s will

May all our thought forms
scattered during the day
inadvertently or otherwise
other than resonating love
return back to us uplifted
transmuted and love enabled
purified by the Universe
making us complete and whole
in accordance with God’s plan

We request Mother Earth
to absorb all negativity
within sheaths of consciousness
healing and transmuting them
in resonation with Gods love
vivifying our form with electricities
in harmony with God’s will
God alone Is
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