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Hi I have been doing that too native split I have I have 5 pendulum now and each one I pick up in my handbag I put my my hands on them then I asked them a question and I'm do it when my mum and dad's Ashes are buried and my uncle's to and I've had the same answers I've asked over and over again but I'm not going to say it on here because it's personal
And the same five pendulums of give me the same answers yes or no yes or no if my pendulum board I've given the same answers I'm 5 pendulums and my birthday necklace chain I've got it on my why are used on my I use it on my pendulum board and I got the same answers to
I love problems I love my president Pendulum plus I love my parents too but I will it's more pendulums again next month I've got a new Hobby Now by independence and collecting them and collecting problems and buying them plus the good thing about it is I am the only one is allowed to touch it
Because my friend from church give me some good advice to and then she did clockwise for yes but I was fine but is right and anticlockwise for no and no way it was a girl or boy was expecting but a could either way if she's expecting twins or triplets or quads I forget what it's called when it's 5 kids having 67a kids I forgot I feel sorry for a lady who's expecting 9 kids in in one go like cats and dogs give birth to kittens and puppies there must ever awful time giving birth
My cat's birth mum she gave birth to 7 kittens in 2016 in August it was and it was 3 boys and 4 girls and I got one boy and I got one girl I did plus I think if you are a painter talk to cats as well
But the pendulums I love them and it's safer than original board a Ouija board
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