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Thank you
I cleanse for my pendulums I even close my necklaces and my early my other jerseys to get rid of negativity and bad energy I may picked up during the month I do
Pendulum manual pendulum I got yesterday my chakra Pendulum I cleansed it in what hand sanitizer together how to write a new technique
And I got the 4 sim answers I got the same phone answers at the same answers on the four questions I asked on it the same question I asked I did an answer was I'm going to say but I'm at the clockwise clockwise yes anticlockwise no and I used I have to same question over and over again to see what I got and I got the same answers on the 7th for pendulums on the same4 pendulums
I might get a new and your pendulum next month but not yet just thinking about it I've got for now I have 4 now on a chain and a necklace one but offend if you touch What a Friend bought me from church
I'm a different person I was when I first joined here I was such a different person because I did not behave myself I do not believe in myself plus I was exhausted and worn out because of dementia not me for the dementia family
But coming in here is taught me a lot and go into a spiritualist church as Tottenham or and it's cool it's cool it's cool it's cool it's cool when I was at school
I am no longer the fruitcake put the thought of us for seeing and hearing spirit because friends at church I've had the same explained as me they thought they were nuts to people did but not on here or it search and the Pendulum I learnt about that church
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