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Originally Posted by linen53
I cannot believe the "authorities" (those making these stupid laws) had it in mind to teach us to slow down and enjoy our families more when they ruined our economies.

It's all with a purpose in mind, and it got little to do with any goal to genuinely help us. Even the elderly aren't allowed to visit their families, despite them knowing there is a risk of catching the virus. Seriously.. when and why did we let governments overrule families? What in the world is driving the species forward and alive? It certainly isn't all these bureaucratic muppets. They aren't your family.

Also, some info on the mask and the issues it can cause:
  • fungal infections
  • bacterial infections
  • bacterial pneumonias
  • increasing aerosolization of SARS-COV-2
  • increased transmission of disease

''In February and March we were told not to wear masks. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It’s not about science… Our opposition is using low-level retrospective observational studies that should not be the basis for making a medical decision of this nature.''