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Originally Posted by Nameless
These are my new coping mechanisms:

FEELING my emotions and letting them run their course and not stuffing them down anymore - my feelings are the most important part of my life and not dealing with them leads me into trouble

CONNECTING with spirit and asking for their help if I need help

BEING GRATEFUL for my family and the love we share and the joy and faith and happiness that we have uncovered in the greatest of trials

I am trying (but still struggle with) ice cream... And TV, though I have given it up most of the time :). Those were my old coping mechanisms.

Yes Nameless - I meant to say this too (in my post above yours)...maybe I felt it went without saying (?)

It's my first coping strategy actually i.e. it's important to address/face whatever is causing the problem and do what can be done about it - whether this is acknowledgement, new realisation/decision/direction. If the matter can't be dealt with currently (may involve a future situation), then positive distractions are always useful.

Nameless - I "struggle" with crisps ... I am Amy and I'm a crispaholic -
.................................................( it's been 18 hours since my last packet of crisps!)
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