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Had this happened to me, during the sesson I would have made friends with the energy of your body and not been worried that one area was reacting different than another. I would not have judged it good, nor bad, nor dialoged with you about what was happening for me, because it is your session

Hi, and thank you for the reply. To be fair to her, she didn't judge anything as good or bad. She told me about the energy on my right hand side (which perhaps she shouldn't have done), but it was me who was worried about it. I think I forced her into offering me some reassurance.

For some reason, I've convinced myself that my own mind is too 'far gone' for Reiki to work on me and I think that is what I mean by evil spirit. I feel like my 'evil' energy is too much for a Reiki practitioner to cope with. When I told her this afterwards, she again reassured me that she wasn't finding it too difficult to work with me.

I think when I started panicking, that was resistance on my behalf to let go. Like on some level I was fighting the healing. Does this make sense? Is this normal?
A huge part of my problem is that I'm afraid of my own mind and I think that by having Reiki healing I'm opening a kind of Pandora's Box or something.
I'm so afraid, but still getting a sense that I need to push forward with this.
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