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he has always known
the one he called his twin
may not indeed
be she

that he may have
in fact
got the wrong person

that the intricate story he wound
might have elements
of both fact and fiction

it has been a matter of torment at times
knowing he could be so wrong
yet having no way to find out what is right.

other than to just make something up out of thin air...
there have always been
at least two others
who were nicer
than she who hates him
and would make good candidates
for being
a 'good' witch

and there have been other nice people
along the way
as well

that perhaps
were more important
than he might have supposed
at the time

as well as others
he didn't even meet

but the reality the twin brought
was there nonetheless
was there no matter who she was
or who she wasn't
and he didn't have anything better to do
noone wants to enlighten him
about whatever it is
that is really going on
in this strange world

since he has to make it up
for himself
and just live with whatever it is
he decides to think

there is no point
in continuing
to try
to sort out the unsortable

or to name the names
of everyone
who ever brightened his path...

or to do a lot of the things
people have told him
he must go about doing
(or not)
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