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Hi SaturninePluto,
I have a question about this to anyone whom is able to answer?
Maybe not answer, but perhaps to explore ………
Realize I decided to post this here as I am unsure of whether it could fall into the main North Native American forum.

I am asking in regards to Shamanistic practice of Extractions, Power loss, and soul retrieval.

I am not from Siberia, and have limited understanding of this, for a long while I referred to my own practice as simply shamanistic practice, but rather I have healed before and worked with herbal remedies within my practice and for a while have learned to divine.
I think that there is a little bit of a misconception about what a ‘Shaman’ is, as the word is generally understood to mean ‘Siberian healer’.
Not all Shamen are healers.
Basically - the Shaman serves the ‘Source’ (the Shaman was awakened to) by practically serving Others in whatever capacity the individual Shaman is most apt to serve.
So some can be healers, others are psychopomps, others are seers, ‘prophets’, keepers of cultural mythology history/storytellers, teacher/guide counsellors, ‘magicians’ etc.

A lot of what I know has come from plant research. What I know of divining took years of practice, and from what I know of healing I have learned as well from divining.

I communicate a lot with spirit. I have guides. I have vivid lucid dreams, I have had prophetic dreams.
Dreams and visions about the past or the future is very common in shamanic cultures and one doesn’t need to be a shaman to see those.

What I have read defines shamanism as a practice where one communicates with both benign and malicious spirits, and a bridge between the physical, and spiritual world.

The way I view this, this definition alone could describe many cultures and practices.
I think, what stands out in Siberian Shamanism is the use of Trance.

Now my question. I was doing an energy reading for an individual one day, and found within the aura tumor looking black like areas, and naturally I began to grab and pull at and remove them- this was a distance type work.

I also received an image of an animal felt perhaps to place it within the auric field to bless.
The person’s totem perhaps? Power animal?
A curious thing happened when I did a journey through my chakras:
Spontaneously an animal appeared with each chakra – and I had never heard of such a thing.
What bothers me is at this time, I had never heard of extractions, or power loss, or any of it. These I viewed as simply things which occurred during my review of the energy field of the individual. I did my best to heal, I naturally felt this was for healing, but had never heard of like I said these things. Extractions, power loss etc.
When perceiving ‘energetically’ one comes across a lot of things one has never heard of before.
I am reading more about it tonight- and I am finding the article writer's writing- a lot in it, through this experience I can confirm.
Yes, I always research the stuff later on as well ……..
I also came across an auric body which seemed to have a shadow of a full entity inside and this one was tough, and quite painful to try and remove, and after 3 attempts, I felt it had been. The thing felt solid- it was actually a bit painful, but I have not heard of anything like this??? Has anyone else?

My question is why? I am not from the area of serbia that I am aware of, but while energetically trying to read for others, I came upon these things? Is this possible to do for someone from the West and Western world?

Or is this an ignorant question?
Of course! it is possible for a Westerner, it is just that in Indigenous cultures people are more readily aware of ‘energy-fields’ - though not all of them either.
But I must admit, I do discern who is indigenous & who is not by people’s awareness of energy-fields.

I tell you a story.
Last town I lived in, there was this slightly ‘Asian’ looking guy (but in Oz you have got heaps of those, so no-biggy).
This guy however captured my attention, because when walking the streets, I suddenly saw him in front of me clear as day – only to walk round the corner – and there he is!
This happened like all-the-time, so finally I asked him who he was and where he came from.
He is a Canadian Native and yes as we compared ‘notes’- he innately is very tuned to ‘energy-fields’.

Also I am wondering how it is a soul retrieval is done? I am not certain if I have done this. I realize a journey is required, but where does one journey? If I wanted to learn to do this as well, where would I even begin?
Best not ask others, intend to find the answer and allow your guidance to find the way.
But do you really want to know?
The intent to serve, to heal, I think is enough – best not get ‘greedy’ and get ahead of ourselves.
Your capacity to heal will grow in its own pace and in its own time and situations to help you are ready for will spontaneously appear if you allow space for that kind of 'magic' to manifest …..
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