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Shamanism- Returning Power, Extractions, and Soul Retrieval?

I have a question about this to anyone whom is able to answer?

Realize I decided to post this here as I am unsure of whether it could fall into the main North Native American forum.

I am asking in regards to Shamanistic practice of Extractions, Power loss, and soul retrieval.

I am not from Siberia, and have limited understanding of this, for a long while I referred to my own practice as simply shamanistic practice, but rather I have healed before and worked with herbal remedies within my practice and for a while have learned to divine.

A lot of what I know has come from plant research. What I know of divining took years of practice, and from what I know of healing I have learned as well from divining.

I communicate a lot with spirit. I have guides. I have vivid lucid dreams, I have had prophetic dreams.

What I have read defines shamanism as a practice where one communicates with both benign and malicious spirits, and a bridge between the physical, and spiritual world.

The way I view this, this definition alone could describe many cultures and practices.

Now my question. I was doing an energy reading for an individual one day, and found within the aura tumor looking black like areas, and naturally I began to grab and pull at and remove them- this was a distance type work.

I also received an image of an animal felt perhaps to place it within the auric field to bless.

What bothers me is at this time, I had never heard of extractions, or power loss, or any of it. These I viewed as simply things which occurred during my review of the energy field of the individual. I did my best to heal, I naturally felt this was for healing, but had never heard of like I said these things. Extractions, power loss etc.

I am reading more about it tonight- and I am finding the article writer's writing- a lot in it, through this experience I can confirm.

I also came across an auric body which seemed to have a shadow of a full entity inside and this one was tough, and quite painful to try and remove, and after 3 attempts, I felt it had been. The thing felt solid- it was actually a bit painful, but I have not heard of anything like this??? Has anyone else?

My question is why? I am not from the area of serbia that I am aware of, but while energetically trying to read for others, I came upon these things? Is this possible to do for someone from the West and Western world?

Or is this an ignorant question?

Also I am wondering how it is a soul retrieval is done? I am not certain if I have done this. I realize a journey is required, but where does one journey? If I wanted to learn to do this as well, where would I even begin?

Any answers appreciated.

Thank you.
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