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Took up my professional practice once more..

I recently re opened my complimentary practice and Reflexology featured initially, I was touched to be able to help a lady who had been uable to feel her feet for 2 years.. She hadspent a lot of money on Chiroprators and private physiotherapists to no avail.. We got talking and I said I'd try to help.. after 3 reflexology sessions she is amazed and is telling all her friends.. Heck I have had to come out of retirement . I have been asked to do more work at the local hospice and, it seems on a weekly basis to try and help someone..
I do other therapies too and make it so I do not charge for any one with cancer... Thats just me giving a little back as 11 years ago I was in their shoes... Its so good to be able to help people.. to give something back...
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