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Whoa, that was creepy!

Wow! First true nightmare in a very, very long time and it was a doozy!. In fact I've never had one this downright creepy ever, and it was verging on a lucid dream, but I woke up just at that point.

It was back in the old neighborhood from the mid-80s and though I don't remember this part of the dream, it was kind of like a previous episode but I knew of it, I had killed a neighbor's daughter. it wasn't a neighbor that I knew and one that actually lived there, but I knew the house and it was right around the corner from where I lived.

I had sold this neighbor a small boat and he was very unhappy with it. I was walking by his house and he confronted me, telling me everything that's wrong with it and how if he knew all of it upfront he never would have bought it. He was also complaining about some stuff, I can only remember a ladder, that wasn't part of the sale but was left in the boat and he wanted it out of the boat and out of his yard. I said something about it being a fair price and he should have checked the boat out more thoroughly before paying. I took the ladder and started walking to my house. It was an odd ladder, aluminum but it rolled up like one of those rope ladders with wooden rungs, the kind that might be lowered from a hovering helicopter.

I dropped the ladder off at home and took a walk around the neighborhood and the police are at the neighbor's, explaining some the circumstances surrounding his daughter's death. As I walk by he's giving me a look that can kill, even though there's no way he possibly could have known I was involved. I hear one of the officers saying the only thing that was odd and that might be a clue was she had elevated levels of something, maybe lead, in her body. Somehow I knew that would tie me directly to the murder and now he's really staring me down. This is a little fuzzy but it was something to do with a food cart that was recently cited or recognized for contamination in the food and both myself and the girl I murdered had eaten there before I murdered her. If they tested me the gig would be up...

I finally get to the end of the block and turn the corner, and eventually the police do the same in their car and drive by slow and now they're staring at me but don't stop. I was absolutely overcome with fear and here's where I think I was about to gain lucidity but woke up instead. Things have been going amazing for me lately in a way I could never have imagined or dreamed of and unlike normal dreams, at least for me, that part of my waking memory was in my dreaming memory and the feeling was one of finally finding what I had been searching for all my life only to have it ripped away.

I couldn't go back to sleep and I remember seeing this sub-forum and figure the telling would be therapeutic. The odd thing is I still feel a little uneasy and that's never happened before, even after a really bad nightmare. Upon awakening I was always instantly relieved.
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