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Yes, I agree with this, that the crown chakra is a gift of the divine and not a product of self will that can be forced, as it is a spiritual awakening. I also know it is quite rare, and perhaps those who receive this gift, possibly did a lot of spiritual learning in past lives.

Perhaps the statement of complete fulfillment and perfection is embellished? It does not go to say that this amazing feat creates one into immortal status or perfect soul, but it does increase a heightened connection to source and many beautiful things, and an amazing transformation process.
I would not use the words permanently open and perfected, as life is still a long process of transformation and spiritual progress, even after the crown is awakened.
At least this is what I experience myself, and what I believe to resonate in my heart. It doesnít mean you no longer have any more work to do. It just means you are getting closer. Itís just yet another step in the direction to being a spiritual being, of who we really are.

Even after, the kundalini energy does not die down. The lower chakras being completely balanced and perfect forever? I do not think so, because we still will live our lives, and upon the many things we do, they will eventually become unbalanced or blocked sometimes, itís just the process is a lot easier to unbalance and unblock, because you donít have to do anything much. The kundalini energies do it for you. You can also learn to control those energies over time, which makes living healthy easy, learn where the points are in the many intricate design paths they follow, focus on them, and direct the energy there, so you can learn to pull energy from the crown, to wherever you need to use it in your body. Over time when you get some blockages, it will usually fire up itself and get rid of them, but there are times I like to do it myself.

I think it is better when you receive energies from the crown from Source. This means, the opposite of the traditional way, whereas people get the idea of energies going from the root to the crown. Instead, they may go from the crown, down to the root, and that is taking in source energies to balance the lower chakras. For me it just happened naturally that way, going downwards. But it went up and down after that, and I much more enjoy when it is going downwards.
Yeah for me, it happened from the brow to the crown, it spread from the third eye, upwards, and then it shot like lightning on a path of energy circuitry over my head, down my head, down my neck, then down my spine, then up, then down, and settling in the crown and brow permanently, but it will always like to take its own paths here and there. And the kundalini awakening, therefore resulting in crown chakra awakening isnít just fully focused on the 7 main chakras. Chakras all over your body will be awakening, and there are many.

But I still have my human side. We all do, and all will. And I still have lots more growth ahead of me in my life. Iím not some immortal guru now that I have energies stabilized in my crown all the time, Iím still learning. I mean, Iím not saying I donít have many gifts and beautiful things in my life now because of the gift of my crown, because I am grateful for that transformation, Iím just saying, it still is happening, and it always will, until I die, and probably even after I die. I believe there will be always more growth to do, and thatís what I love about being.
I still have shadows that need to be dealt with. And thatís a life long process, itís not all going to be stopped, and suddenly all better when the crown chakra opens. I sort of think that it being that grand, is a little exaggerated.
I donít even think the kundalini is ever finished even, by the time it gets to the crown. It stays, and brings amazing things but itís still a long process in transformation. You donít just get up one day, and you suddenly know everything, and have all the answers. I think that is a tiny bit unrealistic.
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