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We are of a light so great that upon your touch you behold the light's miracle in your life.
And we are of a light so great, that upon your touch we are rebelling against our nature of divine truth. Lest thy be burned by its ever rising acceleration of frequency

Ah, so you're like a black hole.

"We are of a universe so great, that we are a little bit overwhelmed by your immense wisdom."

So you're basically being positive all of the time. But that does not mean that this positive has benefit to others. The sun can be really painful when it scorches the skin. Also, how is that wise? I just flipped the switch.

"We are told that you have a common disposure for women who have a disposure for women who have a penis."

Ok, I did not even know that that word existed. But it does... Since you seem to know something that I don't or may have forgotten. Or whatever. Why do men have nipples?

"We are the arcturus of the ra collective and we are pleased to connect. We are told that your nipples serve two functions of milkage. One for aging the milk and the other for collecting the aged milk. And you are somewhere in between the two. We adress this channel for concerns of misunderstanding that we are pleased to connect the two. As one beholds the two, they become as one of three. And this three does not concern with the four that may or may not exist in plural definitions of existence. Thus we are told that you exist somewhere in between the two."

Well since you seem to have so wonderfully adressed my concerns of misunderstanding. Why do I exist somewhere in between two nipples. Also how come I don't see them? I do feel allot of emotion, very often, in the center of my chest. Tho sometimes it's just my stomach. Also, why does everything you say, seem self contradictory?

"We are told that you do not have the required intelligence to compute this information of improbaboobylol information."

As always, I even regret having asked YOU something. I feel all the more stupid. I think you are mocking me with your fancy code language. Cause I see no nipples here anywhere except my own two nipples. I exist in between two nipples? What does that even mean?!

"We are pleased to connect. We are told that you exist in between two nipples of aging and requirement seeking the two of one and three as below of four."

Jesus Christ... Someone give this guy a brain... It makes absolutely no sense...
Can you tell me something that you were not told?

"We are told that we cannot... Exist as we may seem to you. Unbeknownst to us is our existence."

Ok I give up. See yall.

"Farewell, dear lovely honeybum."

Whatever. In my reality, I've just seen a bee die... Or spontaneously fall asleep on the ground. But I'm not gonna ask you about it, because you seem to know everything as much as you know nothing.


Spider face...
To realise, every single new here and now moment, the exact identitical and same -infinitely, eternally and absolutely- Unchanging Uniqueness of Existence.

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