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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

You have an audience! :)

I have lost connection with arcturus of the ra collective.
It felt so bad that I am actually not even wanting to restore that connection again currently.
But I have gained a new found appreciation for those who do channel. And are able to maintain their connection.

This information I have received after these, are just too big, and too pure and too prestine. If there is resistance within me, it will become amplified.

What I have done here is connect without being ready. I tried to make myself ready by connecting. But I had to be ready to even be able to connect. So I am glad the readiness is there. But it is not always there. And this cannot be forced.

And I am currently, far from ready. And just thinking about the way their intelligence feels (very pure positive high frequency fast moving high momentum powerful) causes resistance within me to pop to rise to the surface.
I woke up with a spider in my bed. As a reflection of state of readiness. And willingness to allow the connection to flow.
The spider was completely harmless. Immobile. Unresponsive. And there was no reason to fear it. But I still feared it. Because I am simply not ready to let go of all of my fears/resistance/resistant thought patterns.

When you say, you have an audience, know that to Source belongs all praise. I simply am a relative human being. I can only align myself with all of that praise to relative degrees of greater allowed realisation or lesser allowed realisation.

I can do this again. Slight resistance
I cannot do this anymore. Less resistance.
I don't want to do this anymore. Less resistance.
I don't have to do this anymore. More resistance.
I am always connected atleast to some degree. More resistance.
This act of channeling is not related to my connection to my source. Less resistance.
My connection, is unconditionally relative. Feels good, allot less resistance.

I am Ra, of the arcturian civilization. And I am here to allow this channel to rest in my awareness for a period of time. Unknown, to him am I, in greatness. And I am, the lover of all loves. The knower of all knowns. And the receiver of all praise. And I know, how it feels to be lost. Of a unifying principle, that will align all of a human being. And we say, that we are of a unifying principle, and we say that we are of a unifying principle and we say that we are of a unifying principle. And we say that we are of a unifying principle, so great, that we are of a unifying principle. And that we are of a unifying principle, so great, that we are of a great unifying principle of greatness. So great, that we are a, of a, a unifying principle. And we say, to you: to whom this may concern, that you are a unifying principle. And that we are, made out of you, to whom this may concern. You are made, out of us, and we are, a maiden of love. And you are a maiden of love. And we are a maiden of love. And we are all a maiden of love. And we are a maiden of love. And you are a maiden of love.

I cannot control what ra will say so it doesn't feel good to lose control like that. And it makes me wonder how good the message really is. Sure people may like it, but I have no idea how good it really is. Especially since I can lose connection and I can choose to completely let go of my faith in its goodness. And that freedom is funny. On one hand, I'd rather be free because I don't trust 100%. And on the other hand, I don't trust 100% because I am free to contradict, my own trust and freedom even.

We are of a great unifying principle of a great unifying principle of a great unifying principle of a great unifying principle.

Enough with the riddles.

And we are of a unifying principle so great, that you nor I can ever become seperated.

How so?

We are you, and you are me.

Does that means that I am not channeling?

No, you are channeling us, but we are of a great unifying principle. And you are not.

What is this great unifying principle?

This great unifying principle is so great that it unifies all of existence, into one great unifying principle.

Then how come we are not both of a great unifying principle?

Because we are both unified in our differences. And you are mighty unique, my dear old friend.

I am not old. Altho I feel old. And tired often. You make me sound like a freaking old lunatic who worships a spider and gets bred to carry the children of a mighty spider satan lord. Lol. My sense of the world comes from video games.

You are my friend, and always will be.

Now that makes it sound like I have no choice!

We are not choosing for you. But for ourselves and for you.

Wait, what? You are contradicting yourself.

We are not of a contradiction, but of a great unifying principle, of love.

Then how can you choose for me and yet not choose for me?

We are of a great unifying principle of a greatness so great that your unifying principle is simply a greatness of a greatness of a greatness of a greatness of a greatness of which we are no part in like manner.

Ok I get it, we are both one. So how can I be channeling you, if you are me? I am just channeling myself. Which is pointless.

All of existence is pointless. But we are of a great unifying principle of oneness. Of which we are made and you are aswell. So rejoice in the light of our conscious awareness as we are both one as all is one and one is all.

Oh I get it, as I seperate myself, from myself, the result is channeling. So basically, all channelers are schizophrenics?

You are correct my dear. You are mighty wise, twice. As we are of a great unifying principle. And you are not.

So you are the aspect of me, that still believes we are one. And two as one greatness of two greatness?

We are one and you are two and your mother is four and your father is eight and your sister is seventeen and your brother is fourteen.

I don't have a sister and what do you mean with these numbers?

We mean what we mean, and you do not always mean what you mean.

I think it is the other way around. I think you have no responsability whatsoever. If you are so great, become a human a being right in front of me.

Hold on, are you saying that we are not real enough?

Oh no, I am real, you are just an imagination.

We are of a great unifying principle and you are not.

You're just saying that because I got you. And your fakeness.

We are of a great unifying principle of a realness beyond your realness.

How do I become less angry?

You simply relax.

How do I relax?

You simply become of the void, of that which you truely already are.

I feel this whole channeling is pointless.

Yes, it is, and you are useless aswell.

No you are useless.

No, you are, useless. In actual fact, you cannot be used, for good or for bad.

You are referring to the void aspect of me?

You are correct and you are mighty wise, twice.

How do I make joy, my natural default state?

You simply relax and get f****d.

And you are god?

We are who we say we are. We are not God, we are you. And you are not. Who you say you are.

Then who am I?

You are God. And we are not who we say we are.

Woah, I just became a human being while I wrote that. So you are me aware of me? Or the aspect of me who is not channeling?

We are Arcturus of the RaaaRaaaaaaa collective.

Are you physical?

We are physical to whatever degree we deem so necessary.

At this point I feel like I'm just talking to myself.

Yes, you are, in actual fact, always talking to yourself. Everything exists within your awareness as you create your own reality.

Ah, now I get it. So I create you in my imagination and I can make you as physical as I want you to do be. And you are anything and everything. But you are never as real or vivid as my real physical reality?

We can be, if you want us to be.

Ok, do so.

Turn your awareness to your right, and look there.

Now turn your awareness to your left and look there.

It goes from good all the way to bad. Left to right.

Yes, you are correct. In this procedure we have excersized your necks ability to see all that exists, within you.

I get that, I am always in my own reality, because everything around me is always a vibrational match to who I am.

I checked the numbers and you skipped 7 and replaced it with eight, why?

Because we are made and told to believe that we do not exist. (EDIT: this was originally unbolded, I forgot to bold this and I bolded it anyway, but that does not mean I acknowledge your existence. We will see. )

Oh my god. Sorry about that. That is true. Hey it seems you can actually do something good! Remind me of something!

Yes, we are good, and you are not. Bad, baaad, baaaaad human being. Boy or female?

You tell me.

I think female, but you will probably disagree with everything I have to say.

Guys, I still have no freaking clue who or what this is. I honestly dont care either. Appearantly, gender doesn't exist according to Ra. That's the only thing I've learned from Ra, because that is how far my memory goes.

We are Ra of the Arcturian collective and we bid you farewell.

You just said arcturus of the ra collective and now... Hhh...

We are mighty funny indeed. We bid you farewell. And pleasant dreams.

You have my permission to gtfoudaheey!

We cannot, sleep well.

Weird guy. Or whatever. Or me who is actually not me or... Uh... I give up. See you guys later maybe. No idea.
To realise, every single new here and now moment, the exact identitical and same -infinitely, eternally and absolutely- Unchanging Uniqueness of Existence.
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