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i was thinking how since around 1850s, with mirrors, our human sense of identity - our self image has changed enormously - the "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity" of Ecclesiastes has gotten a vivid physical appearance.

Mirrors are unnatural, this is proven by how few animals can cope with them. Only 8 animals dolphins, elephants, crows, magpies, orcas, and ...(?) can recognise themselves, - the most attack or ignore their own mirror image.

Cats are the epitomy of egoism (?) and this cat, being amazed at his self image, is wonderful - the dawn of a new understanding of life .., (1.35 long)

and another cat and mirror experience which is a real exception - is Finn really in love with his mirror image. or does he think it's another cat? (0.28 long)

youtube is full of videos on animals with mirrors - there's lots i dont know about egoism and mirrors and animals ...
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