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Animals obviously have a sense of self awareness and identity, but is it like our ego?

From surface research on youtube

It seems baby and adolescent elephants have temper tantrums. (1.34mins)
do any other animals?

Then there are a number of aggressive small creatures, like geese and cockrels chasing bigger animals like horses - (is the horse the epitomie of ego-less-ness in animals?)
its all about courage ?? ...
especially interesting are the crows 'playing' at winding up dogs - one upmanship -
(9:17 long - watch only first 2.42 mins, then it gets irrelevant even silly)

But don't be too hard on crows,
watch a Bodhisattva Crow sharing food with a mouse - is there any other such clear example of selflessness in animals? : (1.20)
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