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The slow rhythm

First, the meditational taste
Bringing about haste
Of egoic origin
Seeking magnification

Then, the rippleless calm
The staid acceptance balm
Embraced, imbibed, assimilated
Sense of egoic urgency decimated

Spirit, soul, ego ...
Are labels & thoughts we forgo
Words, symbols, whose delineation ...
Is subject to perceptional interpretation

The acceptance, the allowing
Orientation of one, free flowing
Unseeking & unexpectant
Ego reduced if not decadent

Divine connect permanence
Is, for as long as is, our innocence
Our slow rhythm is ecstatically alive & aglow
In sync with the pulsations of the divine flow

This Universal oneness
In a state of be-ness
Divine-entwined closeness
Cognised in aloneness


No proof available, so none seers offer
Each consciousness will one day flower
In a manner & at a time
As ordained by the divine sublime

God alone Is
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