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Content with Present moment Orientation?

The gateway of our experience
At which point thought rests
Handing over the baton of awareness
To emotion
The type of experience we embrace
Depends upon the frequency ...
Of the thought which positions
Our consciousness
To draw from the Universe
The emotion
Correspondent to the frequency of thought
Which positioned us there

And therefore
Present moment orientation
Though a prerequisite
To enable meditational engagement
Would offer divine connect
Only if ...
The frequency of thought
Before it first peaks and then rests
Is closer to ...
Nearer to ...
The frequency of ...
The subtle domain

Each continuum of time
Wherein we experience
Is devoid of fragmented thought
For the duration
We are captive therein
Because ...
We are so structured
To be able to cognise
At any given moment
Only one thought
Or experience one emotion
Correspondent to that thought

Every experience continuum ...
Is not meditation
Although every experience continuum ...
Is present moment oriented
It may be ...
Tamas - escapism
Or Rajas - desire
Or Satva - purity
Or a combination
Of these Gunas
Which represent a bandwidth
Of our present endowment

To experience
What we choose
To experience

In aloneness

God alone Is
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