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Tulalip TV
Originally Posted by ImthatIm
The Harvest: Devil's Club 3:38mins.

Looked Tulalip up.
Tulalip past.
Good/interesting videos:

Tulalip now.

From Casinos to Cannabis business, although ….:
They didn’t talk business as much as they talked relationships: We have a relationship with pot. It’s a medicine from Mother Earth. Like, cannabis is tribal. It is consistent with our relationship with Mother Earth.
Native Americans are hit hardest by opioid addiction. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that Native Americans have the highest drug overdose death rates and the largest percentage increase in the number of deaths over time from 1999-2015, compared to all other racial and ethnic groups. Indian Country is all too familiar with the opioid epidemic.
No doubt Marijuana has medical usages, but I have never seen pot-smoking stop or cure anybody from heroin addiction.

Psychedelics on the other hand:

Not especially impressed by Mike Tyson as it seems everyone on toad poison has the same or similar experience, but I’m impressed by the Toad, lol. It so mimics “Shamanic Death Experience” minus the psychedelics of course.
Though. No REAL Shaman needs them. All one needs is the World View (how to apply it) and how to ‘gather/build Windhorse’ – and “Bob’s your uncle”, but yeah – talking about relationships - I can see how Shamanism and Psychedelics have gone together in the beginning.

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