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Maybe the way things are or are seemingly developing is simply a facet of evolution. Maybe the path of evolution simply reflects at this moment the total 'truth'. You and me, your great grandmother and auntie Sally have all brought the present moment about by their and our thoughts, words and deeds. We are the ones who need plastic bags, plastic computers, plastic aeroplanes and plastic packings and accessories of all kinds.

Maybe nature is simply responding to our desires.

We don't know if that which we call evolution has a goal but as we have seen what it is capable of over 14 billion years perhaps we shouldn't be so hasty in our assumption that something is going wrong.

Maybe nature (us and ours) is granting us our wishes as part of (another?) great experiment.

As this planet is one of say 200 trillion others and is slipping through the safety net it isn't even going to show up on the radar.

'God' told us to 'be fruitful and multiply' and that's what we've done, and done well - it must be part of a plan.
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