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The materials are not so expensive here Louis Vuitton is just about 2months paycheck..Gucci and other designer retailers are similar-of course there’s expensively 100,000 * amount cars and luxury jewellery but you can really get real stuff for less than 2months pay..and still constantly get your return on it if your into shows like brokers and pawn shops...(you can pawn your items in for Cash) the life celebrities live is only for their millions house-I’m building a house and it only costs about 40,000 to build that will sell for 130,000- it’s quite affordable here...I wonder what there is to do but save up and buy these things when actually affordability is just around the corner, it’s great you like the minimalist look..I do too..I often enjoy the concrete mist/dust than put flooring down..the shabby look...I’m subconsciously needing to prioritise because I have over 15 children -the let provide’s for its self..but with twin flame I’m conscious about wanting us to be in least minimalistic ... I’ve been lucky and had these things *(I’ve made a house, flat screen tv all from my mind when I first was born- having cans of beer isn’t to far to having a cubic link necklace or a car...I don’t desire much* and I desire a lot...having a healthy attitude is attractive and acting...I’ve made nice stuff, lived in luxury here, even rented luxury...drove around in chauffeured car etc it’s nice to know it’s there and in the mean time while your making your mind up for it that 100,000car is less than 10years away from saving on an average you something to do.. when I could easily spend on mundane and not know where it get what you attract and attract what you like..attraction is easy here,,it just takes a little bit of saving...
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