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eighty years toward my sunset
I’ve trudged this dusty track
Eighty years of blood and tears and sweat
With no way of getting back
Cos I’ve got to keep on moving
Towards that setting sun
And the hills ahead are proving
There’s still heaps more to be done.

Up ahead it’s much to dark to see
What’s hidden on life’s track
Yet the things I’ve left behind me
Seem so clear when looking back
I’ve done things that filled my heart with joy
And things that caused me pain
Along the track, I’ve sired a girl and boy
And I’d do it all again.

A woman walks here by my side
We’ve been together all these years
At fourteen she swore she’d be my bride
And share my joys and tears
She lit the pathways that I’ve trod
In a world so dark and deep
And if there’s one thing that I’d ask my God
This angel woman, let me keep.

For she will lay me down to rest
Where the sweetest blossoms fall
And I know, beyond this sunset
Someday I’ll hear her call
Then once again I’ll stand here by her side
When that new day has begun
And hand and hand I’ll wander with my bride
Toward another setting sun.

The Anointed.
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