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Originally Posted by eputkonen
You are cutting away the greenery, but never reaching the roots.

You are right. Yes. I'm only cutting away the greenery. I'm not interested to show the 'roots' - as it is beyond words.

First cut the greenery (which is nothing but one formed themselves). Only then You can feel the "ROOTS". And one day the "ROOT" itself grab us into it (i.e. Enlightenment) and no more greeneries then (i.e. samsara). One cannot show the 'roots' to others, as the sand/land (i.e. Space-time/body/senses/mind), acts as a block to show others. You may express to other in words that "there is roots", but they won't feel it, as they themselves had grown greeneries in their land (i.e. Body,mind). Actually, there is no greeneries. But our desire for 'greeneries' had made it grown, where the "ROOTS" give sand,nutrients,etc.. for the growth. But, the roots is not responsible for the greeneries, which is nothing but illusions.​ You are asking to show 'what is behind the Black hole'. You can see it only when you get near it by detaching the 'space-time' and risk to 'die', then it will surely absorb you.

Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Thank you

Thank "HIM". I just did my duty.
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