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Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
I am very confused about what you mean when you say that which I am not allowed to quote.

So you ask, Why not to quote?. Sir, you know that - the people who 'said' those - had 'felt' something.

But, by reading those words - we cannot feel the same way they felt. So, it's useless to quote others. And so I said to share what you 'feel'/'felt'. Even if the words are same (as Shankaracharya/Jesus/Krishna/etc..) - the people who truly enlightened won't file copyright issue in a court - as it's their "own" words.

If you feel "I AM" - then express it as "I AM" as your own word. No problem. Don't quote that 'Moses said "I AM" as he heard' and so I'm using 'their' words. No there is no 'their' or 'my' words. It is just "words". You don't have to quote the person.

And, regarding "All truths", sir, there is no many "truths" but only "ONE", and many "illusions" as per our desires.

The history of Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Shankara, etc.. are not 'actual'. They are also just "illusions" in this 'dream', as we 'desired' to hear of. They are not actuality, just a 'dream' in a 'Mind', to knock our head, to remind us about the "ONE".

We don't have to fight, this "GOD" and that "GOD", there is only ONE, and the ONE send messengers/son/himself, to revoutionize, what he already revolutioned many times, in a new 'words/manner', as he is compassionate towards us. It just watch everything every moment, even what I'm typing now.

To "allow the TRUTH/ONE's grace" is to disallow the Illusion. Sir, you may have heard the word "samsara". This 'samsara' is not actual, it just a dream we desired for. Only when we disallow the illusion - which we allowed/started to desire once - is the only 'doing/effort' to feel the 'actuality'. All other 'efforts' are foolishness to attain the 'desires/samsara/dreams/thoughts'.

"ONE" won't interfere in the 'desires' of "many", and let them do whatever they seek for. He let's free within him, as a mother does to her child, giving whatever the child seeks for. But, the Mother is waiting for the "sons & daughter" to understand that "Objective word is not actuality and there is only 'ONE' Unlimited". He is more graceful to the person, who surrendered to Him, and his grace dissolves/destroys this dream, and remain in "HIM" always. The 'desirous' 'many' cannot on their own destroy the "Samsara" (because there is no 'my' energy and 'his/her' energy but only ONE energy). Buddha and others 'think' that, it's they themselves had destroyed them. Not at all. There is only "ONE" and he provides the energy to the true 'seeker', in the form 'seeker' thinks of, even the 'seeker' himself may be unknown about this. They surrendered to ONE Manthra. So they reject 'devotion'. But, Vyasa, who written "Brahmasutras and Bhagavat Gita", also written "Srimad Bhagavatham", the glories of the "ONE". It's just an 'illusion' like the life we live.

"Devotion" is the 'only' means. Be devoted to the "ONE" which is the only TRUE, in whatever form you surrender to HIM (i.e. deity/Manthra/Guru/etc..). "STOP" moving/thinking/interesting/desiring of the "WORLDLY PLEASURES/SAMSARA" and surrender/devoted to "HIM" and you can feel the "TRUTH"/ HIS grace, then the power of "illusion" on us starts to decrease (the power of Illusion is nothing but, what we 'gave' power/life/thought to).

You may ask, surrendering is also a 'movement'. Yes, it is so. And so I say is this as the actual effort, to "STOP" "THIS" and surrender to "THAT", which cannot be reached by movement/thought/scriptures/knowledge/understanding. The 'scriptures/guru/messengers/etc..' is just only to knock our HEAD. More than that, they are nothing but one's illusion too. Don't keep on moving to 'many' words/quotes. Take "one" form, surrender to it totally as the "Actuality". The "Aham Brahmashmi" is also a manthra, a form of "HIM" to surrender, who is "FORMLESS", and from whom this "MANTHRA/deity/anything" is born.

You have responsibilities to take care of your body,family - which we already 'committed' too. Don't add new commitments and also don't run away from already 'committed'. Just wakeup - do the duties, work - eat what is available - "STOP" moving senses/body by seeking pleasure/joy/fun/lol/any kind, and only to move it for 'responsibility'. One is a "FOOL" seeking pleasures in his 'illusions' i.e. Worldly/sensual/thoughtful pleasures.

"ALLOW" THAT, by disallowing/stop interesting in "THIS", were 'this' is nothing but you 'desired/attached/illusions'. Don't care 'what is an atom, who is he/she/it/we/they, how universe came into being, what will happen in future, why politicians are acting this way, why all fighting between themselves/etc..' because it all happens only in me/your/their dream, what you/me/they desire for. Don't interfere in their dreams. Their KARMA will teach them by providing sufferings and make them serious. Then even when women/drinks/fun/Series/pop-ups/picnic/friends/anything comes and dances/attracts, while we doing our duty, HIS grace/TRUTH/THAT energy will take care of those. Continue this always and don;t care "when I will be enlightened" as this journey/HIS grace/TRUTH, will make you forget/think of anything, other than HIS "INFINITE BLISS".
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