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Originally Posted by Elfin
On Reflection, last year was nothing compared to this year up to now.. and we are only 3 weeks into it . I am not usually so negative. I always ALWAYS see the positive / good.... But I'm struggling a little right now quite honestly. It will lift. Maybe it's not helping because it's winter, and even a little potter around the garden is not really do-able right now (normally it would be..but too cold for my lungs).... And i am certain many of us are feeling the same. It will be interesting to see what the "reflective " thoughts will be in another few weeks/ months from now....

I commiserate,i'm in the same boat.

Worth noting,the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that happened on 21/12/20,happens every 20yrs,and there is always a major change afoot.

Look back to 2000 and 1980,and see what life changing events happened around that time.

This conjunction though,that's just passed,is closest it's ever been in 800yrs.

So this one imo,is pushing the buttons to move forward for change.

Like it or not.
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