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Originally Posted by BigJohn
What you first said is what I meant.

I work with oils every once in a while.

Over the years, I have added more oils.

With the oils, I regularly make my own incense and bottle up some of the oils.

What oils did you mostly work with?
Hi....Oh it would be quicker to tell you which oils I DIDNT work with. I was obsessed with aromatherapy oils. Hosted parties each month and built up my collection over several months . Eventually a business associate suggest we went into our own aromatherapy business together. For this we had to do a training course and learn everything about each's to to mix..which can go directly on skin ( very very few )...which ones to use for certain ailments...which ones to avoid for certain ailments etc etc....But I had so much fun at home , used them for everything...I became like a mad professor...!!.... Then just before the business was due to launch, he pulled out saying he was too busy to take it on, and I was not in a position to take on the venture on my own....
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