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Bridging the ego abyss

Born free and playful, our soul was complete
Reaching out to one and all, joy replete
Illumined was our soul, divine entwined
Dispersing love, nothing to be divined
Giving rather than taking, was the norm
Immersed deep in a bliss magnetised storm
Neophyte humble, prayer on our lips
Grateful for each heartbeat that rapture grips

Then lower mind, cast upon us a spell
Head-heart split, in fears we began to dwell
Ego spawned sorrow, spelt our heartís death knell

Empty heart sought joy amidst illusions
Godís light veiled, unending our delusions
Opaqued truth birthed mistaken conclusions

Acceptance dawns, we enter the abyss
Bowing down to conscience, erst fears dismiss
Yearning for God, replacing narrow views
Stillness dynamic, joy pulse that renews
Surrender complete, filling heart with bliss
Acrostic syllabic rhyme
God alone Is
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