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Originally Posted by John The Red
It said if I was feeling lost or empty that I should find others like me. Are you like me? I hope so.

John (JJ) Silver

Hello John;

I don't know if I'm an indigo or not. I'm pretty sure my daughter is though. She is Scorpio too. She is very artistic. She loves drawing and painting. She's a very gifted writer but college kinda burned her out with writing. I hope one day she'll pick it up again. She has a very vivid imagination and the short stories she has written are just marvelous. The ones she's let me read are so good that if she turned any of them into novels, I would be reading over her shoulder as she wrote each page. She also loves acting. She even wrote a play and performed one of the roles (she lost one of her actors to AP study) and directed it as her Senior Project in high school.

She seems to have all the characteristics of an Indigo. Including being interested in social justice. She just recently underwent some psychological testing for ADD and Autism because she has friends on the spectrum and who have ADD and they noticed some similarities. It never ever occurred to us or her teachers that she had ADD or was autistic because she did so well in school and she had friends. We all just thought she just had really strong opinions about certain things. And she seemed a tad behind her peers in emotional maturity.

As for myself, growing up, I never really fit in. I always felt like an outsider. I grew up going to church on Sunday but my parents never took it seriously other than going to services every Sunday. I walked away from it when I was a teenager. I learned the history of religion and all the harm it caused. I wanted nothing to do with religion after that.

I've always have been drawn to metaphysics though. Always searching for more than what this life offered.
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