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Originally Posted by interim
Well, my understanding is that God exists, since people need it to exist... The same thing goes for "Starseeds", "Indigos", etc... These are things to help you cope with living in this physical reality, with a brain that can't truly understand the metaphysical side of our nature. However, using such frameworks can be also very dangerous... When something doesn't work for you, there is no point to push yourself, just to be part of some sort of community. I personally don't do it and I don't see to be missing anything. Group thinking always produces lower quality thought. This is true for religion, but it's also true for many of these "new age" ideas. Most of them come from books released by authors we know nothing about, and then people repeat this stuff, and even succeed in dumbing down the original idea... One should think for oneself.

I personally dont see what's wrong with group thinking. Sharing opinions of god, taking notes of said conversations/opinions, reading/dissecting scriptures etc. Its pretty fun. Going to church is a great place to make friends btw. I have a few Christian friends who are kind of close minded, but most of them are pretty open minded...few of them even believe in the illuminati. I believe this has to do with rising vibrational frequencies...or our energy levels. I told them I believed in god and jesus christ, but I also believed in reincarnation and they seemed pretty cool with it.
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