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Originally Posted by Realm Ki
I trust google too, and I don't mean to say it should be something else than syllables. For myself though, i'm already playing with 'a japanese way of expressing words' so it is close at hand for me to carry the playfulness into the poems of course.... For the experience of it.

What I like about that, my 'japponification' of syllable count is that the lines get shorter. The japanese haikus I found as examples are quite a bit shorter than ours. Just another way to play, nothing serious at all. I'll keep it in my own thread to avoid confusion <3

But the other things were interesting, no? The point about a seasonal word, and about two words, often concrete and everyday, bound together with a 'cutting mark', which was tricky to even grasp what that was...

- - -
Drops of snow rising
Pushing frost leaves now aside
Freezing toes sneezing

I guess that the reason why actual Japanese Haiku is shorter is one word can mean a whole sentence in English. Same with Chinese.

I have to Google about seasonal word, two words, etc.. My Google did not mention anything about that.
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