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Originally Posted by Cal

Hi Sparrow. Sure, I can elaborate more on what I mean about the forgetfulness I speak of. Thanks for the opportunity to expand on it and to hopefully gain some insight as to why this happens. Hopefully it will be meaningful to someone else as well.

I am fairly well educated and work in management in a high paced high tech business environment and my memory is pretty good for those things. However, when it comes to spiritual development or self improvement that’s where forgetfulness is a problem for me. Maybe I could start at a point where I was in my life about 18 years ago when I started reading material about and avidly practiced lucid dreaming. After a short while of dedicated intent and practice at lucid dreaming I became fairly sufficient at it, meaning entering a ‘dream world’ with full conscious awareness, albeit short periods at a time. Ultimately what I had learned from that dream world or reality was that my intent/thoughts could manipulate the environment in ‘real-time’ and that physical laws didn’t apply. I could fly, walk through walls, instantly appear somewhere else, etc. I was more or less a rooky though, certainly not a master of that reality. Occasionally I was surprised when I met an opposing (fierce/angry) entity that I could not manipulate, control or make disappear when they attacked or chased me. My only escape was to make myself wake up, disappear or fly away.

After a while I realized the same was possible to a certain extent in the physical world, which thoughts actually effect or manifest in the physical world, only a lot slower and that I had a small amount of influence. I later had learned about the law of attraction from books and thought I had put two and two together. I thought the purpose of my lucid dreaming experiences was to teach me what I needed to know at the time so that I could apply in my physical life. However, when I find myself in stressful situations I seem to forget that everything is as it should be partially co-created unknowingly by my own thoughts and actions. In my day to day interactions and in the heat of the moment I often forget and say and do things that have the opposite effect of what I really want and feel like a victim of circumstances. I try but certainly have to get better at consciously catching and redirecting myself, my thoughts and actions.

A few years after that I started studying and working with plant spirits in respectful ceremonial ways, like our ancestors did in the shamanic traditions. I learned things such as multidimensional beings and that many other dimensions exist; that everything is composed of energy. Most of the time the intent was as simple as please show me what I need to know most right now. I was often shown the same things in different ways. It appeared that unconditional love was often something I needed to work on – being more like my dogs. Many of the insights I received were extremely profound at the moment but didn’t seem to carry the same weight in my ‘waking’ physical mind. As a result I would forget about those insights and to apply them.

I never could understand why this forgetfulness happens so consistently. Not too long ago I found some videos on youtube about the afterlife from a group called Desteni and their inter-dimensional portal. I went to their website and watched dozens of videos. If what they/she says is true then that would explain my forgetfulness in the areas of spiritual development and self improvement. In case you are unfamiliar with that group they basically say that humans are enslaved spirits, captured and enslaved by the Annunaki creator gods and that the mind consciousness field is pre-programmed to keep spirits enslaved and unaware of their true nature. I don’t really want to believe that and try not to dwell on it but a seed of possibility was planted.

Everything I say here is in truth about me and my expereinces and I acknowledge that others may have different experiences and truths. I hope that this dialog will have some value for someone else as well. Thanks in advance for sharing your perspective on the type of forgetfulness that I am speaking of.

Salutations of love and kinship, with gratitude for sharing your voice.

Thank you for elaborating.

This lucid dream state you have spoken of is much like the fabric of the spirit world and so you will experience many similarities. Lucid dreaming basically is your consciousness accessing subtle layers of the spirit world. Those close to the physical dimension. You are then using tools, and eyes, from another aspect of what you are, and then bringing them back and trying to translate the memory of the experiences through your brain. Much is naturally lost in translation, and forgotten. The brain is primarily designed for handling physical functions, rather than interpreting spiritual experiences.

I do understand where you are coming from and your mental processes. It is one thing to learn a spiritual lesson and principle, but quite another to put it into practice in an every day situation. This is why intention, commitment and action is all so important.

One of the things you are finding is that those around you do not share your aspired spiritual outlook on life, and of yourself, or of themselves. They engage with you as if you are just a man, and your spiritual principles seem often out of place in their presence. They hold expectations of you to be ‘just a man’ and act like one. For if you act any differently, if you act spiritually evolved and enlightened, you will be alienated and criticized for being different and special. This modernised disconnected social conditioning is like a wall blocking you from where you want to be and who you want to be. You are finding that the repetition of life’s struggles and responsibilities triggers a spontaneous ‘learned’ attitude and behaviour which you fall into as a result of many years of repetitious programming. This learnt attitude and behaviour has taken the reins of your life and is your default setting and state of mind. The moment you attempt to reach inward for spiritual upliftment or strength of will, the trained animal, that is your mindset and response mechanism jumps in to create conflict.

What you want to do is unlearn that which has become your mindset, your attitude and your behaviour program. You will then have a clean canvass to paint a new mindset, attitude and program from the wisdom of your spirit and strength of your heart.

You will also find that repetitious surroundings are influencing you, and not in a good way. If you want to experience more sunshine and sandy beaches, you do not stay rooted in some snow covered cold barren landscape. If you want to be that which you aspire to be, then seek out others who also aspire to be that and build your strength on the pillars of their support. Do not stay bound among those who are simply satisfied with being just a man, or women. Follow the stream of influence which propels you closer to who and where you aspire to be.

You will also find that self-neglect creates stagnant energy and lack of progress. If you want to progress and grow into a spiritually fluid, placid, love-motivated and peace filled being you need to spend quality time with yourself alone. Without the opinions or expectations, or responsibilities of others on your mind. If you do not make this time for yourself, then your inner-self will have no time for you.

So then, this forgetfulness is basically a result of all these things. It is not because you do not have the heart to apply them to the real world, or lack the belief. It is that you rely too much on these illusions you still assume is the real reality, when in fact the real reality are those things you feel are so removed and mystical to be lived true. The true perspective of things is what you keep forgetting, and it is because it is so very much easier to simply rely on your learned illusions of the here and now, rather than make the extra effort to change permanently.

If you want to remember. If you want to have the attitude and outlook you aspire to have. If you want to embody all those qualities, gifts, insights and principles you have read about, seen, heard and felt, then stop pretending to be someone who you are not. Someone you have pretended to be for so long, for the sake of pleasing others. This is the time now, to be who you really are. To recognise the illusions that surround you, that work against you, and for you. To recognise the reason you think and act as you do, and to think yourself into someone you really are. That someone who in truth does embody all of those qualities, insights and abilities. You are your greatest obstacle to your greatest dream. Yet you are also your greatest force to create your greatest reality. Have the courage to stand up for what you believe, and make every intention through thought, word and deed be a statement to that.

Whilst there have been alterations to the DNA of human beings by other species, this occurred long ago and humanity has since worked to reverse these effects. Do not fall victim to the fear-fuelled beliefs that some inter-dimensional species is somehow controlling your destiny. While indeed there are species not of the earth who have their own agendas in mind for humanity, the alliance that oversees humanities spiritual development is vastly superior in protecting human destiny among the stars, as a star family. As a free willed family of loving sentient beings.


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