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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Hi, Now, this is not to be answered here - only to yourself -
it's none of our business.
But, do you have a long standing hurt or anger that you can not seem to forgive?
Rem, I'm nor personally asking you do answer.
Maybe , there is a difference from it being your least favourite compared
to 'hating it with a passion'..that's something
I am just now realizing, (or should I write realising, ha).
You must be a Brit.
Hi miss H.... Are you drunk by any chance LOL... Only joking !... Yes I am indeed a Brit.... For which I won't apologize because there is no excuse !!!!!!!!!!!!...... I am intrigued that what it all means , if I don't like the smell of rose oil??? ( It gives me headache LOL... As does lavender oil, which is strange ,bad lavender is meant to help ease headaches!!... But then again I am a bit odd !!!!!)....
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