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mikron - thanks so much for your replies. you are kind and loving. and thanks for your insights on many new things. :)

psychic sue - another cat person! awesomely cool and a wealth of knowledge. i swear your advice on the colour green changed my day for the better. i got news of two mini windfalls :) and you are loving and fun. i like that :) look forward to seeing you here more and getting to know you :)

e-ma - i am drawn to your posts often. your experience in buddhism and chanting has been a great help to me when reading your posts. you seem like a lovely, wise, experienced and interesting girl and i look forward to getting to know you better :)

kundalini - a great moderator full of reason and compassion and wisdom. i enjoy your posts and feel safe having you look after us :)

dariel - i am looking forward to reading more of your posts. i think we will all benefit from your wisdom, knowledge and sweet nature. that's what i've gathered from reading your posts already. you're cool :)

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