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cool! thankyou dreamer. thank you so much for your encouragement and compassion.

dreamer - for his poetic way of seeing things. and being joyful, fun and putting your wicked sense of humour into many of the threads. i feel you have so much joy to share. something aries are often overlooked for. i feel like you are sort of a cheerleader here for staying positive and having fun. we all benefit. and you're a sweetheart :)

mother goose - well, where to start! thankyou for your guidence and compassion and wisdom that have given me courage to continue on my spiritual journey. you helped me learn more about my experiences in scotland and helped ground me during rough travelling times. you've been a huge support and i am so excited to see you grow so much and so wisely...and that others are getting to benefit from your kindness and light :)

lapis - you've been an inspiration and very helpful, probably without even realising it! your wisdom, compassion and courage are wonderful to be around and you have opened up so many new ways to learn and see things. i'm so glad i found you again :)

light mage - you are so cool! you come across as a really sweet guy who has so much to share and like me, you are searching for the courage to do so. i believe you're going to be greater than you already are. i am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and insights. and you are fun :)

jaycee - you are a wonderfully encouraging person who teaches us so much (i haven't been here long and i've learnt so much from your posts) with humility and kindness. your discoveries made on your journey are exciting and it's exciting to be able to share in them and learn as well. you are so encouraging here as well :)

Blair2be - you love cats and give them respect. therefore you are awesomely cool. i had a great time chatting to you. you're fun but there's depth that i really see. i can't wait for you to travel and sail one day. in the are so blessed to be given a partner and wee baby :)

daisy - great name and great person. you are so kind to many and generous with giving readings. you even have a queue! :) i can't wait to get to know you better :)

glorymist - i appreciate your wisdom and help that you give so many people. i look forward to getting to know you. :)

Ascended Master - also great teachings and wisdom. i love it that you really care so much for this earth. it makes me feel like crying a bit that there are people like you and lapis that do so much for us. you are appreciated so much. :)

Pounamu - great name, great mind :)

imageimaginer - only just reading your posts but you seem very thoughtful and down to earth. of course! because you are a kiwi ;)

jeremy - you are so bright and courageous. i like your way of blancing things out here. you're cool :)

devolution - great site. thankyou so much! i look forward to getting to get to know you more :)

i'll add more people i get to know them :)

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