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Type A personalities tend to be hard on themselves. That was my daughter when she hit middle school and school suddenly was no longer a piece of cake. She didn't learn the skills of note-taking and studying in grade school because she didn't need to. She paid attention in class and aced all the quizzes and tests. I remember the over-studying in middle school she would demand we quiz her for days leading up to the test. She demanded we review everything, including hand-outs, notes, and quizzes over and over again. As she finally learned how to take notes and study, that quieted down. She was finally diagnosed with generalized anxiety and getting on medication helped. She also got more time to take tests. Recently at the age of 23, she has been diagnosed with adhd and high functioning autism. I wish I'd been able to get her diagnosed way before now but she's so dang smart she was able to compensate really well and school and the rest I just attributed to her being emotionally immature and shy. I wish pediatricians were better trained to pick up on adhd in girls and kids with high functioning autism. She has an executive processing disorder and difficulty with perceiving the passage of time aka time blindness. I feel for you. Has the child been evaluated for anxiety?
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