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make sure the child knows you love it. As much as you find yourself able. And if it is ever at the point where you can say something it is listening to, try to plant the seed that things don't have to be the way it supposes they do. But bear in mind that seeds don't grow immediately, even when they find good soil...

I know it is hard to be patient, but sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to wait.

as far as the screaming I know how annoying it is. But you should also know that by forcing the child to stop it is likely to take that as something else to 'achieve'... then it will bottle itself up only to explode in a fiery storm sometime much later. Unfortunately there are no good answers here...

in the end the child has to make the decision about this for itself. Which is why seed-planting is so important, if you say something when the child is listening it will give the child an alternative to thinking it has to to continue to achieve, whenever it gets to the point of thinking seriously about the situation it finds itself in.
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