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Interesting question, one that I ponder on quit a few times in different ways. The soul's affect on the body and vise versa. As well as the mind.

My best guess when it comes to chakra/aura is how bright or low it is. Or the frequency of them in accordance with said pain. As well as the interference of the energy due to the interference of breathing. Since breathing plays a big role in internal energy and maintaining it. Since you mentioned Throat Chakra, regulating the energy thru breathing can be affected. Probably on the ability to say the intate Intuitive and non intuitive words to speak.
As well as to much energy in lets say 3rd eye... surround's someone's way of translating the words that they are saying... As well as other Chakra's
From my experience of others the Chakra pain comes out in speech or words just as much as physical pain. Sometimes pain in one area such as in the Body if the person is able to block said pain. Increases other area's of the Chakra/Aura...or the Mind and Heart.

My current theorizing that I haven't indulged in to much in is MS , Multiple sclerosis. And the possibility of Spiritual reasons for the cause. That's more of a current side thought pondering to clear my mind from and for other stuff.

If Energy can heal then Energy can also play a role in the damages, that's my take on that.
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