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Originally Posted by Nesanjica
The pain is def in the physical body and I am just trying to project but can't get further because of it.

OK so correct me if I'm wrong. You are laying still meditating and after some time from laying still your physical body starts hurting? See the thing about astral projection is you're either projecting or you're not, there is not really a such thing as half way to projecting. The only thing necessary to have a projection is your consciousness must shift out of your physical body into your astral body. That can sometimes happens after a couple minutes of meditation or a couple hours, unfortunately most of the time there really isn't anyway to tell exactly when that is going to happen. Usually it happens when you least expect it to be honest. I misunderstood your original post because you made it sound like you were already in a projection feeling physical pain in your body, I think what you meant was you're unable to lay still long enough to project because after laying still for a period of time your physical body has so much pain that you have to move and you basically lose all the progress for that attempt.

Correct me if what I'm saying is wrong please though, but that is how I am now understanding it. With that said what you're actually describing is incredibly common especially in the beginning for people. Did you meditate at all before you began attempting to project? Being able to lay still and meditate for long periods of time isn't something that just happens overnight. It is a skill just like any other and takes time, work, and dedication. What you should do is try and force yourself to meditate a little bit longer every time you meditate and that way you will build your body up to be able to withstand longer periods of meditation and you will also increase your pain threshold. As the other person said trying and testing different positions and locations is also something you should be doing as well. Meditation and astral projecting is all about finding what conditions, circumstances, location, position, etc. work best for you personally. Another thing is if you're forced to move due to pain try and move the least amount possible and move very slowly and calculated and sometimes you will not lose all of your meditation progress.

The last thing I would like to mention is meditation is not the only way to astral project. Personally I project several times a night, dozens of times a week, hundreds of times a month from my natural sleeping pattern. Not to mention doing what I do also brings about the same lucid dreams as well which honestly is pretty much the same thing as astral projection anyways. If you're one of the people who wake up several times a night you can definitely capitalize off of that and project when you wake up. Personally I fall asleep listening to a Delta wave Binaural beat every night and after sleeping for 2-3 hours when I wake up I make sure that I do not move at all, even if I'm experiencing pain. I will lay still after waking up and I would say at least 90% of the time it leads to a projection or lucid dream with in a minute after waking up. And even after that lucid dream or projection ends if I do not move again it usually leads to another lucid dream or projection. I have actually had up to 7-8 lucid dreams and projections happen back to back to back just from one time of waking up after a few hours of sleeping. So maybe that will help you some I know it works magic for me.
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