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Reincarnating Energy and Innate Desire are Related

People's Reincarnating Energy helps decide what kind of family they are born into, so for example, someone with Improve Society Reincarnating Energy will be born into a family focused on improving society, while someone with Become Financially Independent Reincarnating Energy will be born into a family doing business. In this sense, everyone has a reason for reincarnating.

Dukkha (in Buddhism) appears to be related to Innate Desire-Striving. In this sense, the Four Noble Truths can be interpreted thus:

1. Life is full of innate desires-strivings
2. Unfulfilled innate desires-strivings is the source of much distress
3. Innate desires can be satisfactory fulfilled if one knows what they are and how to fulfill, or strive for, them
4. Following a righteous path (by telling yourself "seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours", for example), asking "what does society need", knowing how far along you can run with an interest, "wishing others to find the love of their lives", and knowing that "there is a right way to do anything", will help one identify and satisfactorily fulfill those innate desires.

Dukkha is a mistranslation for Desire-Striving, because suffering means limited soul growth, which entails being held in bondage with no freedom to learn and explore, taking mind altering drugs, or committing suicide or physical injury that limits one's awareness. Struggle also entails fighting for something you believe in, even though it might not be for the right cause, but for your own faction or friends.

More information about the Dukkha translation here:
Who was Siddhārtha Gautama, the Historical Buddha?

No matter what the soul decides, whether it's reincarnating back to childhood, as the opposite sex, or as someone of the Heterosexual Sexual Temperament if one was of Homosexual Sexual Temperament, or as an alien species on another planet, the physical body incarnates in the future (of the opposite sex in the next 100 years, and of the same sex in the next 200 years), along with the soul friends and lovers. So in this sense, the Physical Plane and the Energetic Plane are relatively distinct, with one paying attention to what comes one after another, and the other paying attention to the quality of an experience. The mind, having a present-time state, is a bridge between the Forward Traveling Time (manifesting as the energetic), and the Backward Traveling Tim (manifesting as the physical).

This also ties to the concept of Reincarnating Energy as part of Innate Desire, such as "being financially independent", "bringing laughter to others", "having lots of children", "reading more books and information on metaphysics, psychic modalities, and the body's energy centers, and sharing what you discovered", etc.
"Seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours" - Ram Bomjon
"There is a right way to do anything"
"Wish others to find the love of their lives" - Roy Zhang
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