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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

The genesis of boredom, discontent & melancholy lies in loneliness
Contrasted to the joy of being alive here & now in our vibrant aloneness
Just as indifference or self-serving egoism is consciousness contracting
While detachment, desirelessness, Universe connecting love, expanding ...

Extrapolating from these consciousness contracting vs expanding examples
We may contemplate upon our inner orientation from other samples
Our reflex instincts; just two lists: one giving, the other seeking more
One narrowing, the other expanding our consciousness at the core

As and when our attention is externalised, anchored in egoistic seeking
The delusional impossibility of making permanent the impermanent leaves us despondent, lonesome & weeping
Which is the root cause of our needless self-inflicted suffering ...
Shifting the fulcrum of our consciousness inwards, divine-entwined is fulfilling, empowering & enlightening

Boredom? What is that?
In being to become, I AM always That!
Choosing light over darkness, a persona winsome
Discarding vicarious knowledge for deep inner wisdom

We can choose to effortlessly reshape ourselves as we choose in our stillness
A self-help divine-assisted program we may execute in our joyous aloneness
Inner cleansing, lightening egoistic baggage, treading gently on the earth
Effusing unconditional love, dispersing the fragrance divine unendingly in joyous mirth
. Ooooh bordom! I often feel bordom. Lonelyness, that as well, your not the only one. Like your alone on a little island with nothing but you to depend on. It can be a empty feeling at first. But when that emptyness get filled with your own confidence and strength, nothing is more valuable! With nothingness you have everything to gain.
The villain often plays the victim.
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